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Androv MedicalPhototherapy treatment with a UVB Lamp

Most psoriasis sufferers will be aware of the beneficial effects of sunshine. More accurately, it is the UV rays that have an effect – specifically UVB medium wave ultraviolet light.

I certainly do find my skin to be far worse during the winter months, and can see a remarkable change in just a couple of days when I escape the foul English summer weather for a holiday in the Mediterranean. Of course – the fact that I am not at work, have no washing up, laundry or cleaning to do, and no pressures other that deciding which sun lounger to sit on, might well have beneficial impact, as well. ...continue reading "Review – Androv Medical Dermfix 1000MX UVB Lamp"

Keeping cleanIt’s the little things.

I have no doubt that most people with a life-term condition thinks about, worries, frets, and feels pain and discomfort with their condition most days. I try really hard not to let this be case for me, and I have, for the most part, decided to totally disregard it and go on with life as if it didn’t exist. Sometimes, though, it’s the little things that are really difficult to ignore. Like the need to be a clean (and therefore decent) human being at all times. ...continue reading "Psoriasis – keeping it clean."

HistoryA brief history of me.

I have noted in my other posts that this blogging malarkey is all new to me. Normally, I simply don’t talk about my psoriasis, unless someone asks me directly. But this blog has given me a new outlet, and I am enjoying sharing my experiences. It’s good to talk sometimes, right? I’m a good listener too, so if you wanted to post a comment or question, use the form below this post and I would be happy to hear from you. And feel free to share this on your preferred social media platform if you like. Sharing is caring! ...continue reading "Psoriasis, karma and life"

Reduced stress can help psoriasisSay yes to less stress

I would imagine that most people spend at least a little time deliberating about what clothes to wear each day. Some people, of course, can take forever! (Naming no names). But our clothing choices should be dictated by our personal preferences, and not affected by a medical condition. Still, it is very easy to fall in to the pattern of trying to cover up those parts of our bodies that are affected by a skin condition. ...continue reading "Psoriasis – the cover up"

PeelingThe problem with flakes.

One of the more embarrassing aspects of psoriasis is the fact that everywhere you go, and whatever you touch, you tend to leave parts of yourself behind. Some days are better than others of course, but on the bad days, I find myself leaving a track of discarded psoriasis scales in my wake wherever I go. ...continue reading "Flake News"

Getting a haircut with psoriaasisHave no fear

Going out to get a haircut can be a trying time for those with scalp psoriasis. Having someone other than your doctor or loved ones looking at your damaged skin up close can be worrying and awkward. Furthermore, with the close contact that is inevitable in this situation, it would be easy to imagine that your hairdresser might also feel uncomfortable. This concern can make the situation feel even more difficult. ...continue reading "Psoriasis and getting a haircut"

Just for fun - here is a list of 10 things I can’t do.

Play golf.Golf

First on my list of things I can't do - play golf. Big Phil Mickelson seems to manage a stellar golf career with psoriasis – but I have had to retire. I just can’t grip the golf clubs without considerable discomfort and the skin splitting on my knuckles; and wearing a golf glove is agonizing. Also, I am terrible at golf. ...continue reading "Psoriasis – 10 things I can’t do"

The product - Salcura Dermaspray

It is no surprise (to me at least) Salcura Dermaspray Intensive is the first item that I have chosen to review for my product review page. ...continue reading "Review – Salcura Dermaspray Intensive Skin Nourishment Spray"


ShakeTo shake, or not to shake?

I work in an office. It’s not exciting, I can assure you – but there are certain protocols that must be followed; like  shaking hands with colleagues and business associates.

I am what you might refer to as ‘middle management’. This means that I have a number of staff under my care, but no actual authority whatsoever. ...continue reading "Psoriasis and shaking hands"

 Our hands work hard

The psoriasis on my hands is quite bad at the moment and this can get quite upsetting. Our hands do a lot, and when it is agonizing to touch anything, this can be quite a trial. Just putting my hand in to my pocket or pulling on a jacket can cause skin splitting and bleeding. Adding to the problem is my nail psoriasis. Simple day to day tasks are now difficult, and painful. Like opening things. ...continue reading "Nail psoriasis and opening things."

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