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Lifelong friendLife is not too bad.

Psoriasis is not such a bad thing, in my opinion. People do sometimes ask me about it, and I often reply that if I could choose to have one incurable disease, I would choose psoriasis. It’s incurable, yes; but there are worse things that one could have. For starters, my life expectancy is unchanged. Psoriasis, in of itself, is not going to kill me. It can be painful and uncomfortable, true; but compared to an entire world of other possibilities, it’s a long way off the top of the pain threshold scale. The psychological stress of what is such a condition can be huge. But, there’s another thing – a possible upside. What are the chances of one person getting TWO incurable diseases? ...continue reading "Psoriasis, my lifelong friend"


WinterHere in the UK, 2018 has been an unusually warm summer. And for that I am grateful. Sure – I live in South Wales – so we didn’t get quite the extremes of heat that were experienced by those further to the east, but still, it was a nice change. Lazy evenings and weekends sat in the garden soaking up the rays – it was heaven. I even managed to have a barbeque or two without getting soaked. Amazing! Coupled with a few blissful weeks in the south of Spain in July, my psoriasis has been far better this year than I have seen it for quite some time. ...continue reading "Winter is coming."


Keep FitKeeping fit.

Quite surprisingly, I, of all people, am actually about to write a blog post with the words “keeping fit” in the title! This is hilarious, and probably very silly, because am not in the least bit fit.

Therefore, this blog post may not really be for you if you are:

  1. Already fit,
  2. Looking for actual advice on how to become fit,
  3. Sane

...continue reading "Psoriasis and keeping fit"

Go to the beachThe benefits of the beach.

I have noted in other blog posts that I am, for the most part, unconcerned about my personal appearance, be that in general terms, or specifically due to my psoriasis. And this remains the case. However, there is one scenario that does give me some qualms – and that is the act of going swimming. ...continue reading "Psoriasis – life’s a beach"

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