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About the author

About the author

This is my personal psoriasis blog, and is a new venture for me. I hope to collect useful information, product reviews and my own personal experiences as a long time psoriasis sufferer. I'm mostly light-hearted, and will inject as much humour as I can. Please excuse me if I seem to be taking the condition and it's effects too lightly - this is part of my own self-defense mechanism.

I must point out that I am not medically qualified and therefore any opinions that I have regarding useful treatments are based entirety on my own experience and trials of products that may or may not assist in the day to day management of this incurable disease. 

Everyone is different, and so is their psoriasis. What works for one may have no benefit for another; however, the important thing is to keep trying, and to stay positive!

My historyMe

Whilst I recall nothing about it, I have been told that I had the most terrible eczema as a baby and toddler. People were known to look in to my cot or pram and, instead of oohing and aahing at the lovely baby, pull back with a shocked grimace. What a way to start! Born and raised in Winchester, Hampshire, UK, my skin cleared up as a small lad and remained clear until I was in my twenties. When the psoriasis reared it's ugly head, it did so slowly but surely.

And so for around 25 years it has been my constant companion. There are ups and downs of course, but for the most part I have learned to accept it for what it is.

Jake the CatThese day's I live and work in Swansea, South Wales - not the best place to be for someone who's skin reacts well to sunshine! I live happily with my wife of 15 years in our small house, with a small black cat called Jake. He may look cute, but trust me, he is a handful - and totally mental.

My blog

Why not have a look at my >>blog<<. There are not many posts right now - but plenty more will come. I will add more content to the product review page, and add a news feed as I go along - I just hope you can join me for the journey. (Oh - and that's not me in the first picture, just in case you were thinking. That can't be me - his skin is too good!)

I should also mention that I do add affiliate marketing links to my posts and to the site in general. Clicking on an affiliate advert and making a purchase will pay me a small percentage but not alter the price you pay. Any funds received will help me to maintain this blog.

Nigel Beckett

4th August 2018