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Covid-19 and Psoriasis

Covid 19

Psoriasis, from what I can gather, is not on the list of pre-existing medical conditions that might make you more susceptible to corona virus, or make it likely that you would experience more severe effects from this terrible virus than anyone else.  For me, also living with high blood pressure (hypertension), I guess I am on the list. However, my blood pressure is very well controlled with daily medication, which works far better than any medication I have ever tried to treat psoriasis! So I am not too concerned.

However, to say that the current situation - with a worldwide infection and severe controls in place on our daily movements and interactions with others - has no effect on psoriasis, would perhaps be incorrect. I don't know about you, but my skin is much worse than normal right now. You too?

Red wineHonesty is good!

I'm fairly honest with myself, and with you... right now, in lockdown, I guess I am drinking a bit too much alcohol. I doubt I am alone in that. In fact I know I am not - from what I can see on social media (my only current contact with my nearest and dearest). I have not left my house for four weeks, beside two short walks around the (very) local area. But somehow, I still have alcohol in the house. Lets call it a necessity, and leave it there... But for me, I know alcohol makes my skin worse. I think because of its dehydrating effect, making dry skin even drier.

Stress is bad!

Then, there is stress. I don't do stress, generally. I try really hard to convert 'stress' in to 'pressure', and then try to use pressure as a positive force. But it is hard right now. And we all know that that stress can flare your psoriasis. I'm about as cool as a cucumber most of the time, and little really worries me. Right now, I admit to being worried. I imagine that most of us are, to some extent. And worry equals stress which equals terrible skin for us PS sufferers.

I know already as I write this that this piece is not going to end well. I know that I don't have some amazing answer in my pocket to dish out to you that will suddenly relieve your stress in these unprecedented times, and help sooth your psoriasis. But, right now, our PS is the least of our worries. It might get worse, it might get better, it might not change at all. No big deal.

Stay positive

Most importantly, PS is not going to shorten your life, it is not going to make the current pandemic more dangerous for you, and compared to what some other unfortunate individuals are going through right now, we can cope with it. We may be bleeding just because we flexed our fingers or blinked our eyes, but we are still here, and still fighting.

Stay home and save lives.



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