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Genitalia is not a rude word

GenitaliaPsoriasis can be awkward

We all have genitalia, no matter what shape, size or form. Our private parts are nearly always a difficult subject for most people, but there can be other concerns for the psoriasis sufferer.

Over the years I have had the opportunity to compare the 'more visible' areas of my skin with others with psoriasis. Elbows, arms and hands, knees, ankles and feet, ears, eyelids and scalp, etc. As a case in point - I recently sat next to my cousin, showing our 93 year old grandmother the psoriasis patches on our arms, as we explained to her what they were.

Celebrate your differences

I have always been amazed at how similar, and yet how different, everyone’s affected areas are. And on those days when I can put to one side the discomfort and upset, I often consider my own personal psoriasis to be interesting, unique and beautiful in its own way. It’s MY psoriasis.

I have never compared my genitalia with that of anyone else – psoriasis sufferer or otherwise. And I don’t plan to start now, either. But this is one of my most problematic areas, and I do want us to be able to talk about it freely and without embarrassment.

The bad days

There are bad days when I dread the simple task of going to the lavatory, knowing that most of the time I take in there will be spent waiting until I stop bleeding. No doctor has ever been able to offer reasonable advice, other than applying more of the strong steroid cream that he prescribed – which of course is not normally recommended for delicate areas.

It's OK to discuss it

This is not a blog post on which I am going to offer advice – as I have yet to find anything to help me in this area that might also benefit you. I just wanted to put it out there that it is OK to talk about this difficult area of living with psoriasis, and state that you are not alone. I will be sure to update the blog further if I ever do find something that works. Likewise – if you know of something that worked for you, I would be happy to hear about it.

Nigel Beckett

4th August 2018

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