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Nail psoriasis and opening things.

 Our hands work hard

The psoriasis on my hands is quite bad at the moment and this can get quite upsetting. Our hands do a lot, and when it is agonizing to touch anything, this can be quite a trial. Just putting my hand in to my pocket or pulling on a jacket can cause skin splitting and bleeding. Adding to the problem is my nail psoriasis. Simple day to day tasks are now difficult, and painful. Like opening things.

Let's have a nice beer

I know I drink a little too much (more on this subject later - as alcohol and psoriasis is not a great mix), but hey - life is for living and a glass of wine or a cold brew make living more bearable. So today, being a much warmer day that those of us here in the U.K. are used to, I thought I would have a can of beer. Perhaps two.. but; do you think I could open the can? Answer; no.

My nails are so weak at the moment that ring pull cans, and other such 'easy-open' containers require me to locate a suitable implement to do the task for me. Trying to open them 'normally' results in my nail bending back on itself most painfully, and in me uttering a number of choice obscenities.

Take a bath

The other bad moments each day are in the bath or shower. Every variation of shampoo that caters for the psoriasis on my scalp comes in a bottle that requires me to prise open lid. This is of course made worse by the fact that the warm water has already softened my nails, making this process infinitely harder. This is life with nail psoriasis - it's very clearly not the worst thing that could befall a person, but just a series of really annoying occurrences.


4th August 2018

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