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Wow, your skin looks good!

I often find it amusing when people comment positively about my skin, claiming that, to them, it looks far better than it did the last time that they saw me. Being that I don’t really get out much – that might have been days, weeks or even years ago. I’m a bit of a shut-in, really. However, I do genuinely appreciate such positive and well intentioned remarks. But, to be honest, they don’t really help that much. For those that have not experienced it first hand, psoriasis can be a bit confusing. People don’t realise that how my skin looks today has very little relationship to how it looked yesterday, or how it might look tomorrow.

All Change.

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The truth is; how my skin looks today can be affected by numerous factors – or, sometimes, seemingly, by nothing at all. A good night’s sleep can be beneficial. Good hydration can help, too. A few glasses of red wine can have no effect whatsoever, or, can make it look far worse in the morning. The weather, or whether I had the central heating on – either can be good or bad.  Was I stressed out or chilled, did I apply cream or not, did I scratch myself wildly or leave it alone – all can have a positive or negative affect.

Stay Happy

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I have noted elsewhere on this blog that I have learned to live with this condition; that if it is a good day, I am happy – and if it is a bad psoriasis day, I am still happy. I have no doubt whatsoever that being happy is also a factor in how my skin looks and feels. Of course, if happiness was a cure – I would be clear by now, so I know that his is not really the answer. Nevertheless I’m confident that things would be worse if I really stared to worry about it.

Be grateful

But, to those people – most likely my close friends and family – who tell me that my skin looks better; I thank you – I really do. Despite what I may have said earlier, it actually means quite a lot. I know, even if they don’t, that tomorrow is a different day, and that anything is possible.

Nigel Beckett

January 14th 2019

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