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Review – Salcura Dermaspray Intensive Skin Nourishment Spray

The product - Salcura Dermaspray

It is no surprise (to me at least) Salcura Dermaspray Intensive is the first item that I have chosen to review for my product review page.I have been a big fan of Salcura for a long time, and this particular offering is one that I consider to have saved me much discomfort over the years.

I first found this when was searching for anything to help with a terrible flare up on my face. I was fairly distraught, and was thinking that my entire face was going to erupt in scales. Generally speaking, I am not too bothered about my appearance, but a red scaly face was not the look I was hoping for.

Natural ingredients

I was sick and tired of the chemical laden topical treatments supplied by my doctor, and the description of this spray was that it was all natural. The ingredient list seemed to confirm this. The inclusion of Aloe Vera Oil, Tea Tree Oil and Sunflower Oil – all things that I had used before swayed me, and I made my purchase. I have done so with regularity ever since.

Using the product

The bottle produces a fine spray (so be wary using bear your eyes) and it smells great. This is not a psoriasis specific product, and it is unlikely to be “the one” that cures you. I certainly didn’t cure me – but, on first use, it cleared my face flare up really quickly. This is non-greasy and can be used anywhere on the body with safety (again – mind your eyes).


These of course vary, and everyone is different. I consider this to be the best product I have found for that ‘instant relief’ of itchy flare ups and sore areas. It is absorbed in to the skin very easily and leaves no residue, meaning you can treat certain areas and put your clothes n immediately afterwards.

All in all I can find nothing bad to say about this product and would recommend it to anyone.

Best of luck

Nigel Beckett

7th August 2018

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