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Go to the beachThe benefits of the beach.

I have noted in other blog posts that I am, for the most part, unconcerned about my personal appearance, be that in general terms, or specifically due to my psoriasis. And this remains the case. However, there is one scenario that does give me some qualms – and that is the act of going swimming. ...continue reading "Psoriasis – life’s a beach"

Reduced stress can help psoriasisSay yes to less stress

I would imagine that most people spend at least a little time deliberating about what clothes to wear each day. Some people, of course, can take forever! (Naming no names). But our clothing choices should be dictated by our personal preferences, and not affected by a medical condition. Still, it is very easy to fall in to the pattern of trying to cover up those parts of our bodies that are affected by a skin condition. ...continue reading "Psoriasis – the cover up"

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