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I often find it amusing when people comment positively about my skin, claiming that, to them, it looks far better than it did the last time that they saw me. Being that I don’t really get out much – that might have been days, weeks or even years ago. I’m a bit of a shut-in, really. However, I do genuinely appreciate such positive and well intentioned remarks. But, to be honest, they don’t really help that much. For those that have not experienced it first hand, psoriasis can be a bit confusing. People don’t realise that how my skin looks today has very little relationship to how it looked yesterday, or how it might look tomorrow.

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Stay StrongPsoriasis is a funny old thing to try to figure out. Me – I’m a fairly simple person, and when I see a cat I generally call it a cat. Or perhaps ‘Fluffykins’. Therefore, I would find it quite reasonable to imagine that if part of my skin was growing, replenishing and replacing itself far faster than normal, (as it does with this condition) that the new, fresh skin would be strong and good. How wrong that is. Skin affected by psoriasis is in fact dreadfully weak, and very easily damaged. The lightest touch, or even the way that you move your body, can cause the skin to break and bleed. Sadly, this seems to happen on a daily basis. ...continue reading "Feeling weak, staying strong"

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